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How to open the 24/7 ServiceStation
How to open the 24/7 ServiceStation

How to deliver or pick-up a key after receiving a SMS text message with a weblink.

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In this section we explain how you deliver or pick up a key in the 24/7 ServiceStation.

How to deliver/pick up a key in the Sharebox 24/7 ServiceStation

  1. First, look at the SMS text message you have received explaining everything.

  2. When you are in front of the Sharebox, start by clicking on the web-link in the SMS. 

  3. When the weblink opens on your mobile screen, tap in the Location ID. This number is found on a sticker and is exclusive for each Sharebox, confirming that you are at the correct Sharebox.

  4. Then click Open on your mobile screen, and the button on the Sharebox changes to green flashing light. A signal that your open request are accepted.

  5. Next you PRESS the green flashing button on the Sharebox to confirm your physical presens in front of the Sharebox.

  6. The button on the Sharebox changes to green steady light. The Sharebox machine open the front door in a few seconds and your booked locker are available.

  7. Now you insert or pick up your key in the open locker inside. 

  8. Then push the green button on the Sharebox to close the front door

  9. The Sharebox button-light changes to red-flashing when the front door closes and Sharebox goes into stand-by modus.

  10. The car dealer / repair shop are informed automatically that you have delivered or picked up your key.

  11. Thank you for trusting Sharebox!

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