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Sharebox & Smartbnb Integration
Sharebox & Smartbnb Integration

How to integrate Sharebox with smartbnb

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We integrate Sharebox and Smartbnb using webhooks. The integration will allow you to give your Airbnb guest automatic access to your Sharebox reservation. This guide will explaine the steps you need to take for this to work. 

Step 1: Contact Sharebox and ask for API keys.

Before Smartbnb can send Sharebox webhooks we need to give you special API keys which will allow Smartbnb to send API request on your behalf. We will share an api_id and api_key with you after contact has been reached. You reach us at 

Step 2: Link your Airbnb rooms with a Sharebox reservation.

In you can click on one of your reservation. On the reservation page you will see a button called "Edit Listings Id". By pressing it you will be asked to add your Airbnb rooms listings_id to this reservation. After this is done that Airbnb room and Sharebox reservation are linked. Remember to do this for each one of your Airbnb listings if you want them automated. NB! You can only link one Sharebox reservation with a listings_id, if you add a new listings_id to the same reservation, we will overwrite the old one.

Easy way to find a listings id:

You can easily find your listings id by looking at the url of your room. In this case: the listings_id will be: 20808001 

Step 3: Add the Sharebox webhook to Smartbnb settings.

The last step is to add the webhook to Smartbnb. When you log into Smartbnb go to settings (click your profile picture top right corner), Choose Settings & Subscriptions  and then under Integrations you will find a field where you can paste in the link provided by Sharebox. It will look something like this:

Your url will look like this:

REMEMBER: to replace you api_id and api_key with the keys words in the url above. Also don't forget the ':' between the api_id and api_key

Your Airbnb listing and Sharebox reservation are now linked. Every new guest at Airbnb will now be added to their correct Sharebox reservation and get access to the locker for as long as their stay in you Airbnb room.  

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