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Corona virus information update
Corona virus information update

How Sharebox could help to provide hosts and guests with more peace of mind.

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We support our community of hosts, guests, and employees around the world and we are prioritizing their safety and well-being. Our international 24/7 Help Center is on emergency stand-by.

Since the World Health Organization declared a global health emergency for the Corona virus (COVID-19) Sharebox has been closely monitoring official news and

On the World Health Organization website you can find information and guidance regarding the current outbreak of corona virus disease. Find out more.

Flexible Key Exchange
We will do our part with flexible key exchange subscriptions. If our customers need to cancel their subscriptions or kiosk/convenience stores close down, key exchange locker reservations are eligible for a penalty-free cancellation.

The Corona virus will have an impact on the entire travel and tourism industry, we believe travel will recover and flourish again in the future. It is one of the largest industries in the world and we are committed to doing everything we can to support both host, guests, location owners and our partners.

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